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The second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres on October 16th. And by all accounts it promises to be bigger, bolder and more badass than season 1. I recently chatted with star Andrew Lincoln (a.k.a. Rick Grimes); and since he told me he was quite a horror fan when he was a teenager, I asked Lincoln to name his top 5 horror

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films. Check out the list of faves he shared with me after the jump.

“1.) The Omen had a profound effect and terrified me. I remember watching that when I was only about ten or eleven years old with my brother, who was eighteen years older than me, and two other friends. And I remember just watching it and being absolutely mortified by it. My brother walked up to me and said, “And it’s all real. It’s all in the Bible!” I remember being absolutely terrified about Revelations and The Omen. 2.) Don’t Look Now was a terrifying movie which I loved, which I saw much later. 3.) I only saw The Exorcist when I was in my early ‘20s. I always avoided it. Just the soundscape in that movie was extraordinary. I remember the sound being just as terrifying as the image. 4.) The Shining is a beautifully made movie. 5.) Jaws has gotta be there. It’s one of the great movies of all time.”

Source: Fear Net.

2 Comments on “Andrew Names His Top 5 Horror Films

  1. Mitzi DeMarco

    I never saw any of the films that Andrew mentioned. I have heard of them but never saw them. My 5 favorite horro films would be: 1. Dawn of the Dead (the original) 2. The Return of the Living Dead 3. American Gothic 4. Night of the Living Dead (1990) 5. Bad Dreams.

  2. Samantha Perez

    I seen all the movies Andrew mentioned except Dont Look Now, their all good. I would pick 1) Night Of The Living Dead 2) Dawn Of The Dead 3) The Exorcist 4) 28 Days Later 5) Resident Evil 2… Yeah i like zombie movies and pretty much nothing else

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