Andrew Lincoln Online


Where are you?
I’m in my car, listening to country music, on the way to work in South Georgia. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially in fall when all the trees turn red.

Fall? Don’t you mean autumn?
I know, I know. My daughter is starting to really get a twang; she’s losing her “t”s – everything is getting “bet-er” instead of better. I’m having to beat it out of her.

Has she seen her father in action?
She’s four years old – no! I do come back from work some days and if she’s still up, she goes [in high-pitched voice]: “Have you shot any zombies today, Daddy?” The way I explain it is: Daddy pretends for a living.

You’ve signed up for another six years. Will you miss us?
Look, I still live in England! Certainly what clinched the deal for me was the fact that – because it’s a cable show, not a network show – it wasn’t 20 episodes per season. So it’s half a year’s commitment. The other six months I want to come home

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and, if I’m not too beaten up by zombies, I’d love to get involved in some theatre and film work.

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