“I’m not the good guy anymore.”

Those words are spoken by The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes during one of several intense conversations on Sunday’s episode (9/8c, AMC) of the zombie drama. According to series star Andrew Lincoln, he’s been waiting a long time to hear his character say just that.

The Walking Dead boss: Lori has become Lady Macbeth

Lincoln tells TVGuide.com his favorite part of the graphic novel series that inspired the show was watching Rick devolve from the

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upstanding sheriff’s deputy to a man willing to do almost anything to survive during lawless, zombie-infested times. That transformation is about to happen on-screen.

“The thing I loved about the second half of the season is that you’re moving in a direction that I think the comic book reached a bit sooner than we did in the TV show,” he says. “With the death of Sophia, something dies in Rick. He has to reevaluate how he’s been viewing the world and how to live in this world. I think he’s moving much more toward Shane’s sensibility.”

Shane (Jon Bernthal) has become a bit of an outcast among the survivors because of his increasingly hot-tempered, erratic behavior (everyone remembers the zombie massacre in Hershel’s barn, yes?), not to mention his continued questioning of Rick’s leadership. Those issues will come to a head in Sunday’s when Shane and Rick venture out alone to dispose of Randall (guest star Michael Zegen), the straggler Rick rescued after the shootout at the bar.

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