The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has described the show as “one of the coolest jobs” he’s ever had.

The actor explained that he loves both the emotional and action-packed scenes of his character Rick Grimes.

“I go to work and they give me a gun and a cowboy hat and say ‘rid the world of the zombie menace’,” he told Digital Spy. “It’s not your average day job. It’s one of the coolest jobs I’ve

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ever had.

“I love that you can have an intimate scene… and then the next day you’re on a horse charging through Atlanta with 200 zombies racing behind you. It’s an extraordinary gig.”

Lincoln added that he is appreciative of The Walking Dead‘s success, describing it as a “perfect storm” of a show.

“You’ve got a great crew, great cast, great scripts,” he said. “But that’s never a guarantee of success. Certainly I don’t think I’ve been in anything that seems to have caught the public’s imagination like this.

“Maybe it’s because it’s not a supernatural show, even though we have zombies. It’s actually about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The thing that attracted me to the project was that you get to say something about humanity in it, and it’s full of heart.”

Lincoln is currently supporting Barnardo’s Big Toddle, an annual fundraiser that gives children under 5 the chance to take part in a mini sponsored walk.

Source: Digital Spy.

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