Rick and the group need to make the prison safe to live. What are the difficulties in doing that?
Andrew Lincoln:
If you had met these characters on the back of Season 2 and there hadn’t been the time jump or we didn’t have Lori’s baby being the time bomb, Rick would certainly have been the general and pushed them on, but I think he realized that they are so desperate. The silence of the [premiere] teaser says it all. They’re on the point of eating dog food now. They’re so desperate. They have to do this. He sees potential at this place, and he sees that it could essentially be the safe haven that they’ve been waiting for. It is their only solution and he realizes that. There is a human threat obviously in Episode 2 which he deals with in an incredibly brutal way, but in his mind’s eye, a necessary way. You get a real sense of where Rick has gone and the extremities that he’s willing to go to in order to keep the family alive.

How is Rick doing as a leader? Is anyone questioning him this season?
I think he’s proved himself. No one has died. The problem is the fact that mama and papa don’t speak. There’s a huge rift. They’re dying emotionally.

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No one’s calling into question his leadership. The Ricktatorship thing was a necessary tool to get them to survive. Everybody realizes he’s the man for the job and that killing Shane [Jon Bernthal] was a necessary evil to get the right guy leading the group. The thing about Rick is that he will always lead to the weakest link, where Shane was not of that opinion. He said, “We keep the strong, cut away the weak.” And that’s one of Rick’s enduring strengths and his humanity, but it’s also his weakness. And then you meet the Governor. Shane’s policy is where the Governor’s at. It’s what would have happened if Shane had been a leader a little bit further down the line.

Between Rick and The Governor, these are two very strong, very opinionated leaders who just want to keep their people alive. What does this war between them look like because it can’t all be physical.
A battle of wits as well. I mean, I think it is. It’s who they turned into because of this new world. I like the fact that they may be foes, but they’re also sharing the same experience. They’re the only people who know what it’s like to have the burden of leadership and responsibility to people’s lives that has been thrust upon you. Certainly the writers have come up with a really smart way of tying in the two worlds. And I think also, having the Governor is a really great way of opening up the world. You’ve been following the one man and his family and these group of survivors for so long. Season 2 was very much about the ideology within the group. Who’s going to be leader? Now it’s about outside of the prison and other humans. So it’s much more about the threat of humans.

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