“The Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln spoke with Dread Central on Dec. 3 about his hit zombie show and what fans can expect when it returns from break in 2013.

So far there have been a number of deaths in the first half of the third season, including two major characters early on. Lincoln said in the interview that the show still brutalizes him. He calls it extraordinary, but also a downer because they lose so many people from the ranks of the show.

“You make these incredibly brilliant and intense relationships with truly gifted actors, and invariably they get bitten, and I have to kill them,” Lincoln said. “And it is kind of the big downer on what is becoming the single greatest job of my career.”

The season also saw Rick suffer a major mental breakdown after the death of his wife Lori inside the prison. He began to receive mysterious phone calls from Lori, all a break in his sanity, and he had to start to work his way back to his capability of leadership for the survivors.

“I came into the writers’ room and said, ‘What do you think Rick’s breaking point is?’ And this is what they came up with,” Lincoln said. “I wanted to drop the gun, I wanted to fall, all of these things, and I wanted you to see this man, who has led these people and been so strong, fall to the ground broken.”

Now, when the season returns, fans will finally get their chance to see the two leaders face off as Rick and The Governor will meet, and fans who know the comics understand that things get explosive after that. What is great is that Lincoln has grown into his character so much that he can’t even stomach the fake lives of those in Woodbury.

“I hate Woodbury,” Lincoln said. “I actively feel nauseous when I go there. I hate everybody in it, I just can’t stand to look at the place. I love the prison; it’s beautiful.”

The third season of “The Walking Dead” returns in February 2013.

Source: Examiner.

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