WARNING: Spoilers for the latest “Walking Dead” lie ahead.

Like winter in Westeros, war is coming for the cast of “The Walking Dead.” On one end of the battlefield is Rick Grimes, the former lawman rapidly losing his sanity as he tries to keep his fellow survivors alive within the walls of a semi-secure prison. On the other end is the ruthless Governor and

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his walled-in community of Woodbury. Blood has been spilled on both sides of the conflict, leading the two leaders to their first-ever face-to-face sit-down in the latest episode of “Walking Dead,” titled “Arrow in the Doorpost.”

During their encounter, the Governor offers Rick a solution to their mutual problem: in exchange for a ceasefire, Rick must offer up Michonne, the sword-slinging survivor who destroyed the Governor’s eye and killed his zombified daughter, Penny. But even as Rick seriously considers the offer, the Governor is already preparing plans to betray and slaughter the leader of the prison and his people.

With much on his mind — including visions of his dead wife Lori — Rick’s stress levels are at an all-time high, and his sanity is quite possibly at an all-time low. To hash things out further, MTV News reached out to “Walking Dead” leading man Andrew Lincoln for more on Rick’s current situation and the inevitable showdown in the final few episodes of season three.

MTV: After building up to this moment all season long, it was very exciting to finally see Rick and The Governor in the same room, face to face. What was your reaction to their initial meeting?

Andrew Lincoln: I’ve been champing at the bit since [Governor actor David Morrissey] arrived on set. The first time we even saw each other on a filming day was the episode where he shot Axel. The only bit of filming I witnessed was him spraying his gun and bullets in the air as he rode away. I just looked at the rest of the cast and crew and went, “What an a–hole. I hate that guy.” [Laughs] It was great to finally get a chance to work with David. I’ve been a huge admirer of his and, like [Morgan Jones actor] Lennie James, I never had the chance to work with him in my own country, so we did it here in America. It was thrilling. The script was not what I anticipated; I thought it would be much more combative, almost closer to the Shane-Rick confrontation, much more of a clash. But it turned into something really interesting.

There were more mind games, two men sizing each other up, and trying to come to some semblance of an agreement. It was fun. We didn’t really talk so much when we were working together because of the nature of the atmosphere in the room, but it was great to get these two men in the same room, to see how they respond to each other. There was almost a bond of common understanding; these are two leaders who have had leadership thrust upon them, for whatever reason. In spite of all of the conflict and confrontations, they can speak to each other like they can speak to no one else in their world. It was quite an enjoyable experience to play around with that. I think it was vital that Rick almost, almost, has sympathy for the guy.


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