At the end of Season 3, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Team Prison welcomed the remaining Woodbury survivors into the prison with with open arms after The Governor (David Morrissey) killed many of his citizens in cold blood. While Rick’s willingness to take in survivors indicates that he’s no longer crazy, this massive influx of people has fundamentally altered the dynamic of Team Prison.

As Andrew explains to Entertainment Weekly, “There’s around about 50 new characters, and that puts obviously an enormous pressure on the group with the practical necessities.”

And even though we’re fairly certain we will be losing several survivors within the first few episodes of Season 4, adding any new people into the mix at this time will still mean that everyone has to

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adjust in one way or another. “We were a band of maybe 10 characters at the end of last season,” Andrew says. “So there’s the character relationships, and the group dynamic has changed — radically.”

Though we expect the newbies to settle in eventually Andrew notes that in a high-stakes world such as this one where circumstances can quickly change, “there are always going to be tensions within the group.”


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