“It was one of the most shocking things I’ve had to do on screen.”

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) describes an unexpected twist in Sunday’s season premiere of The Walking Dead as something the fans—and even his own spouse (Gael Anderson)—did not see coming.

“My wife went to see the first episode,” Lincoln tells me, “and she came back and she was thrilled because…”
Spoiler Alert: He’s going to say it!

“I laughed. Rick Grimes laughed.”

The man speaks the truth, fans! And, jokes aside, there are more than a few moments in Sunday’s TWD premiere to make you leap right out of your seat (including a certain nightmare setup where it is more or less raining zombies—walkers

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falling from the sky). But in what is perhaps a welcome shift to fans and to Lincoln himself, Rick Grimes also will be a little lighter this year. And yes, smile.

Lincoln himself says he’s pleased that Rick is once again becoming a straight-forward good guy, and a hero the fans can root for without reserve.

“Rick did have a good reason [for being how he was in season three],” Lincoln tells me. “He lost his wife [Sarah Wayne Callies]. But you see a different Rick this season. That’s all I’ll say. I mean, he’s a man that’s renounced leadership. He’s stopped the brutality of the world for the sake of his children.”

A noble act, no doubt, given that Rick’s son Carl (Chandler Riggs), now 13, is on the brink of losing what little humanity he might still possess, as evidenced by his season-three kill of a young Woodbury soldier. (Carl shot him in the head as he was walking toward Carl to give him his gun.) Lincoln reveals that Rick’s deep-seeded desire to keep his son on the side of good will be a major storyline arc throughout the entire fourth season.

“I’m spending most of the season trying to keep [Carl] in hand,” Lincoln teases. “There’s a bit of a single parent, apocalyptic parenting going on this season.” Rick is doing his best to shield Carl from the atrocities of their not-so-family-friendly situation, encouraging him to brush the pretty ponies and attend the children’s storytime—but that goes about as well as expected.


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