Andrew Lincoln may be the leading man of arguably the biggest show on TV now, but he hasn’t watched a single episode of his own TV series.

“I don’t watch the show. I don’t need to. I get to live it everyday,” said the 40-year-old English actor who plays sheriff Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, based on a graphic novel where zombies (or “Walkers”) have over-run the earth.

The series, currently in its fourth season and fresh from a win at the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Cable TV show and Lincoln for Favourite TV Anti-Hero, has become a global phenomenon, sparking renewed interest in zombies and all things undead.

Asked to elaborate further, Lincoln — who arrived in Singapore on Saturday and will be here until Monday to promote the show along with fellow star Norman Reedus — said he became self-conscious after watching himself in previous TV shows he’d done.

“I just don’t watch myself. I wouldn’t like this or that. It wasn’t helpful to me and since then, I stopped watching myself”, he said, adding that he would never direct an episode of the hit show if offered the chance for the exact same reason.

So true to his word was he that during the two-hour meet-the-fan session held at the LaSALLE College of the Arts in town, Lincoln covered his face and ears when two clips of the show were aired.

His confession was among precious tidbits of the show — currently on a mid-season break in its fourth season — over 500 fans and student actors were treated to as Lincoln and the irreverent Reedus held court.

Among other gems — actors are not allowed to keep any TV scripts for fear extras would steal or lift them out of the bin and leak spoilers and that the show would be back with a big bang next month.

“There are three episodes in the second half of this season that are the best we’ve ever done. You see the prison family at their most vulnerable and they are slowly breaking down on their own, ” said Lincoln, who labelled the TV series a “family drama set in hell”.

“Long may I survive. I could be dead already,” he cheekily added, in reference to the show’s notorious reputation for killing off key characters at a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, the playful fan favourite Reedus — with whom Lincoln shared an obvious and deep camaraderie — delighted the crowd by peppering the session with matter-of-fact one liners.

“I saw a Walking Dead porno the other day. I can show you when we get back to filming,” said the trim and toned 44-year-old, winking at Lincoln.

Earlier on, both stars seemed to be genuinely taken aback by a crowd of 250 mostly teen and young adult fans who had gathered at LaSalle for a close-up look at their favourite stars. But they quickly got over their surprise and won the raucous crowd over by posing gamely for countless “selfies” and autographing all manner of figurines, comic books, posters and photos.

“It’s crazy. We live in a bubble because the show is shot in the middle of nowhere. And then we come here and get assaulted,” Lincoln said to laughs.

Walking Dead Season 4 returns on Monday, 10 Feb at 1130am (right after its US telecast) and 8.10pm (same day encore) on Fox Movies Premium on StarHub Channel 622.

Source – Yahoo Singapore

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