McFarlane Toys have recently just revealed more details and a preview image for their upcoming Rick Grimes Deluxe figure. He’s the perfect companion piece to the already released Daryl Dixon Deluxe 10-inch figure that came out late last year.

I personally love collecting McFarlane Toys’ The Walking Dead figures, well mostly the TV ones, which have gone from downright terrible in Series 1 to not half bad in the latest, Series 6. I have the 10” Daryl Dixon in my collection and I am really impressed with him, though I have some problems displaying him due to the pose he was given. The pose for Rick Grimes appears to be much better.

The figure will be 3D scanned directly from Andrew Lincoln’s head, and if it’s anything like the Norman Reedus portrait on the Daryl figure, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Until now, it’s been unclear what season the figure is going to be based on and what accessories he’ll come with.

The figure will be based on the Season 3 key art that is pictured below with the figure. His accessories include his signature Colt Python, sniper rifle and alternate arm to hold the sniper rifle. I’m hoping this figure will have better articulation than the Daryl figure, most notably a ball-jointed head.

This figure will be released in November of this year, exactly 1 year after Daryl was released. He’ll retail for $34.99 and I’m definitely going to pick this up when he hits UK shores. Pre-orders are currently available here.


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