The Walking Dead did not disappoint with its season five premiere, prompting many to compare it to an action movie and the second episode followed suit with poor Bob becoming a victim of the Terminus cannibals, but just when you question how it could possibly get anymore shocking, lead star Andrew Lincoln says he is “really worried” the upcoming episode three could have pushed the boundaries.

Viewers are anxiously awaiting to see the aftermath of episode two’s climactic ending, with Bob getting his leg sawed off and eating by the cannibals speared on by leader Gareth, and with Daryl and Carol heading off into the night to track down Beth, expectations are high that it’ll all hit the fan when the rest of the group find out three of their members are missing in the latest episode. Andrew, who plays group honcho Rick, says viewers will need to brace themselves for Four Walls and a Roof, which airs next week.

In a lengthy and very teasing interview with Details, Andrew says of the fast-paced style of the new season: “It’s an Indiana Jones thing. I love that we go that way—that we go fearlessly into moments where you just think, Really? But you know, they’re big popcorn moments! The balance between playing the brutal leader and the charismatic leader and the righteous leader. It’s a plate-spinning act. Be advised: Episode 3 is very, very . . . well, we’re going into uncharted waters with this episode, and I’d be very intrigued to know what you make of it. I wish we were having this conversation next week, because I’d be very intrigued to know what you think.”

He added to the reporter: “Watch it, and then call me up and tell me if you think we’ve overstepped the mark! [Laughs] Because I’m really worried. Honestly, I am, I am very concerned about this one. What did you think about the last episode? Because it had to be softer, you had to see where the characters were. But it still has that incredible thing – Bob’s leg being eaten at the end, you know what I mean?”

At the moment, it feels as though anyone could get bumped off with the season appearing to be the most daring so far, so naturally, tensions must be high between cast members about who will turn into zombie dinner next, but Andrew remains coy about his future on the comic book series despite the fact he is a lead character and is most likely safe. “Well, I hope that is true. You speak to the writers’ room and tell them that. Honestly, though, this is the greatest job I’ve ever been involved in. Just carrying this incredible story. A really fine actress just joined our cast, and she’d never seen the show before, and she texted me and said, “It’s mythological. It’s extraordinary.” She said, “It’s devastating, this story.” Those words really rang true: It’s mythological. And you’ll see with my beard—it’s biblical, where we’re going,” he explained.

“There’s something very primal about the story we’re telling this year. I said it in jest, but it was a conscious decision, maybe two years ago, to push ourselves and make us look as feral as we can. That’s why we’re gonna need a bigger beard. I’m really thrilled. It’s full of surprises, this season, but it’s full of all the classic ingredients. But this season, more than ever, the scale of it is just mind-blowing,” Andrew added.

Say no more, something tells us episode three could be a game-changer!


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