Is Rick the New Shane?:

It’s been interesting to watch how all of these characters seem to take turns being either the voice of reason or the hard-liner. In “Crossed” Daryl was tasked with pulling Rick back from taking a violent and brutal course of action in order to rescue Carol and Beth. In the episode prior, he’d stopped Carol from shooting Noah. While Rick and Carol now seem to have come to an understanding about just how ruthless one must be in this world, Daryl is becoming an advocate for caution and restraint.

“That’s the journey of these characters,” Hurd said when asked if we can expect this to become the crux the dynamic between Daryl and Rick. With Daryl as the character who says, ‘Maybe we don’t have to be so violent.’

Would Abraham Be Justified if He’d Killed Eugene?:

For many viewers, one of the most entertaining aspects of The Walking Dead is playing the “I judge your zombie apocalypse” game. In other words, we ask ourselves if the characters have made the right decisions and challenge ourselves to figure out what we would do in a similar situation. That’s one of the reasons that the Telltale Walking Dead games have been/were embraced by fans.

When Abraham nearly killed Eugene upon the discovery that he’d been lying about a cure, some may have found his actions to be justified. Eugene had selfishly gotten several people killed on a wild goose chase and given others false hope when they could have been looking for another way to survive.

“I think at that point you have become no better than the hunters,” Hurd reflected when asked if Abraham’s actions were to some degree understandable.  “Eugene didn’t personally pull the trigger. He had a different approach to self-preservation, and yes, it certainly had terrible consequences. But that’s what happens to cowards, is that they don’t step up; they lie. They let other people fight their battles for them. At the same time, does a coward deserve to die in cold blood? That’s I think when you cross the line into — given Abraham’s history of violence and the fact that his wife took their kids away from him, even though he was avenging what happened to them, shows that there would have been no purpose had he succeeded.”


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