The Walking Dead is headed in a totally different direction with characters facing a ‘huge change’ in circumstances, the cast and crew have teased.

Rick and his chums have got a fresh new mindset going into the second half of season five and instead of running for their lives they’re going to tackle the dead head on.

‘It feels like we’re moving into a new show – it just feels like a new place visually and also story wise,’ explained Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick. ‘It’s very hard not to be brutalised by this world, but there is a sense in Rick that he’s going to pull people through.’

‘We used to move in a direction based on fear, now we’re running towards things and we’re hitting things head on,’ added Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl.

But the fighting talk doesn’t necessarily mean fans should be feeling particularly optimistic going forward…

‘The second half of the season is dark and it’s sad,’ co-executive producer Denise Huth clarified.

The Walking Dead returns on Monday 9 February at 9pm on FOX.


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