The body count on “The Walking Dead” will continue to rise when the hit AMC series returns for its season 6B next month.

“The back half of the season will involve some crying and screaming at the TV set,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently teased (via TV Guide).

And although villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be “brought to life straight out of the books” this season, the iconic baddie isn’t the only threat that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company are bound to face.

“Some of the scariest people in the back half of the season are our people,” Gimple revealed. “These characters are at their strongest right now, but the problem is, the threats of the world are also at their strongest. We’ll see these immovable objects meet.”

Gimple also added that “the question of whether you can get through this life without blood on your hands remains open.”

In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter in November, Gimple discussed how the second half of the season will be different from the first eight episodes of the installment.

“The second half is very, very different from the first half in tone and the lineup of characters for every episode,” Gimple said. “It’s a very different show in the second half of the season and that was quite a shift.”

“I believe this first half of season was structurally just focusing on certain characters and their internal journey a lot of the time. The externals really take over in the second half of the season,” he revealed. “It takes a very different vibe and for this part of the story, the plot takes over a little harder — which is different thing than what I’ve done on the show before.”

“The Walking Dead” season 6, episode 9, titled “No Way Out,” airs on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 9 p.m. on AMC.


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