The hit zombie apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead” will be returning to the small screen in a few weeks, however, the series’ showrunner and cast have a lot to say about the upcoming midseason premiere and the highly anticipated appearance of the big bag villain, Negan.

The last viewers saw beloved “The Walking Dead” characters, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang were split apart. Some of them were trying to survive the zombie herd and a few were held at gunpoint by Negan’s Saviors. It was a suspenseful ride so far, although, showrunner Greg Nicotero shared in a video interview recently released by AMC, that things are about to change in the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 6, Cinema Blend reported.

Nicotero stated that the show has arrived at a “tremendously exciting juncture” and that “The Walking Dead” will “take a dramatic turn” in the coming season. Previous seasons have shown Rick and his family battle zombies and other threats, however, the outside world they live in was only shown in bits and pieces. The second half of “The Walking Dead” will feature an expanded world where beloved characters will encounter bigger problems. This time around, the show will be slightly different and will dwell on more “menacing, psychological” danger to characters, Cinema Blend stated.

One of those menacing threats would be the villain Negan, to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In an interview with TV Insider, Lincoln described Negan as a “horrific” character who is an “incredible tyrant.” He also labeled Morgan’s character as a “sociopath” who can be “charismatic” and “funny” yet “brutal” as well.

When asked about the upcoming midseason 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” Lincoln teased that it will be “radically different” from previous episodes of the AMC show. He explained that episode 9 of “The Walking Dead” season 6 represents a “radical shift in a lot of things.” Lincoln also hinted that the upcoming new episodes will show a “crazy race to a new world order” for beloved characters.

Fans would have to watch the upcoming new season to find out just how radical and crazy “The Walking Dead’s” new world will be.

The second half of “The Walking Dead” season 6 returns on February 14 on AMC.


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