Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are you Andrew?
    No, I am not Andrew. I am Eric and I am only a fan who runs a fan site for him. I have no personal contact with him either.
  • Can you send something to Andrew? How can I contact him?
    I am sorry, but no. I do not know Andrew personally nor do I have any contact with him. I unfortunately do not have an address you can send Andrew things to.
  • Is this Andrew’s official website?
    No, this is not Andrew’s official website. is simply a fan-site created by a fan for the fans. We in no way act in any official capacity unless stated otherwise.
  • Is Andrew on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media websites?
    No, unfortunately Andrew does not have an official Twitter or Facebook account, nor is he on any other social media website. If you see any social media accounts claiming to be Andrew, please report it.
  • Can I donate something to the site?
    Yes, of course! Donations are always more than welcome. You can send anything you’d like, whether it be photos, videos, articles, icons, wallpapers, other graphics, and anything else you can think of. All donations are accepted and proper credit will be given. Feel free to send me an e-mail with the donations.
  • Can you open a forum/message board?
    I have unfortunately decided to not open a forum. While I do believe forums/message boards are fantastic and a great way for Andrew fans all across the globe to interact, they are very hard to maintain. Forums need round the clock moderation, which I just don’t have the time to provide. Also, forums/message boards are becoming less popular and not many people join, let alone become extremely active enough to have one.
  • Can I take photos for my own Andrew website?
    If you give our site proper credit and do not try to pass the photos off as your own, then I do not mind. While I do allow other sites to take photos, I do have stipulations. Please do not take any screen captures. All screen captures are made exclusively for Andrew Lincoln Online. Also, I do not mind a few pictures being take every now and then, but do not use my gallery as a base for yours. If you do take, please be courteous enough and credit. Thank you.