2008 – The Things I Haven’t Told You

Andrew as DC Rae

Directed by: Marçal Forés
Written by: Lisa McGee
Produced by: Liz Lewin
Production year: 2007
Original release: March 17, 2008
Running time: 1 hour
Other cast: Elizabeth Day, Nathalie Lunghi, Sophie Loftus
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Aisling Hunter is out walking on the road at night when a car accident leaves her bloodied and badly hurt by the side of the road. This is the end of her story and from here we jump back 15 hours to find Aisling blackmailing popular girl Geri, shunning former best friend Laura and chatting with a mysterious user eyed-boy] about the whereabouts of her long vanished mother. All of this occurring against the background of a school community still struggling to recover in the wake of a fire where the mother of a pupil (Danny) was killed with no reason found for the fire or for his mother being there in the first place.